Saturday, January 22, 2011


Life is in a weird spot right now, but I'm gearing up to deck it in the face, so here's a song to up my mood haha.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Video

just wanted to share a video my friend Brice posted up. I love it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Camera mount for the e36


This design needs work on the mounts, but so far this mounts into the car. Its not completely stable but after a bit of work it will be a lot more rigid.

There's two straight pieces, a curved piece in the middle that I TIG welded together. Also a straight piece where I flattened the ends and have the camera swivel mount permanently installed. On the ends I welded in nuts for the bolts to thread into and the chassis mounts will be replacing the flimsy "candy-cane" mounts I have now.

These "candy-cane" mounts were especially hard to make. I first tried to drill through the flat stock but for some reason it wasn't real easy to drill such a large diameter hole through the metal. So instead I cut some small diameter tubing for the bolts to go through. Then the hard part came...i had to weld the metal rings to the flat stock. so i used the grinder to make a circular shape that mimicked the rings, and then carefully welded them together. Afterwards my friend Eric helped me heat up the opposite ends of the flat mount so that I could hammer them 180 degrees the other way.

Sadly, once i got in the back seat and installed the mount, i realized that the candy cane mount system was not stable enough. so i will revamp the mount sections to be considerably more stable and secure, and possibly add a third extension to rest on the floor of the car, helping further stabilize the whole mount.

Updated version coming soon!

bimmer stuff

got my windshield replaced...
and a custom diy intake made out of my 240sx injen intake pipe and a cone filter