Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Thursday, November 25, 2010

my latest endeavor...

So my friend Eric had some problems lately with his car, and we determined it to be a slipping clutch. So instead of having the dealer or a shop work on it, we decided to do it ourselves... Little did we know just how much work it was going to be. What wouldve taken one day with a 240sx and my experience, has ended up being a several day experience, yet a fun and learning opportunity.

One thing i have learned so far, is mitsubishi sure didnt want to let people work on these cars, cause they sure as hell didnt make things easy. from almost no space to work with to demon bolts in impossible to reach places, these things made me glad a have a FR layout car, and easy to work on chassis. But nonetheless, its nice to see a non-20 year old car sitting in the driveway getting worked on. Anyways, on to pics.

heres my shell im trying to sell and my new toy, the bmx bike. little teaser of the evo in the back.

Evo up!

Finally getting that bitch out!

clutch looking a glazed and rough

flywheel looked damn near like a rainbow with its palette of colors and heat marks or whatever you call them.

even the back of the flywheel looked awesome.

Aaaanyways, new exedy stage one will be replacing the stock one.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

hate/love......or is it love/hate...

I, from the bottom of my heart...HATE doing chemistry homework. However, I LOVE photoshop and all the photomerge capabilities...now, back to work hahah.

p.s. dont mind the bad auto merge in the lower right hand corner...or the jagged edges..photographer's fault. lol

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kodak Easy shares are the epitome of bad photos, and when combined with very little practice in taking photos, you get grainy, over exposed photos. Who'd a thunk. 

Baboon attack

Beware! This video will kill your eyes (not in good way). The quality is absolutely horrid, but it was a fun edit to make.

I was just having fun out on a local road today.

Shot on a really old Kodak easy share (doesn't even record audio)

Bone stock NA miata

Song by Russ Chimes, check him out.

Ahhh streeting

As cool as Pro/competitive drifting is..........it will never be streeting, ever. I love stumbling across these videos of people just having fun because they can. I wish we had more videos of the fun that used to happen in our neck of the woods. Maybe it will return.........some day.


Clash Productions is at the absolute forefront of automotive cinematic short films. All of their work is simply astonishing and they are definitely an inspiration.